Leorsa Innovations

Rethink Independent Coffee Shops

CUPS is on a mission to level the playing field in the specialty coffee industry. The company provides coffee shop owners access to a set of tools, services and savings that were previously only available to chains and franchisees.

CUPS launched its mobile payment app in 2014 identifying the market demand for an independent coffee shop experience. CUPS provides the loyalty app by grouping together hundreds of independent coffee shops.

Seeing steady growth from coffee shops both in its New York headquarters and additional tier one cities, in 2017, CUPS developed B2B products and services on its own proprietary platform, showing double digit growth month on month as it pioneered the first virtual coffee chain concept.

CUPS has built a network of suppliers, baristas and services systems available on one consolidated platform. The current list of services offered includes: a mobile app, a unified supply store platform, on demand staffing services, aggregate buying groups for energy and other commodity items and marketing services.

Anyone can give you money.Where Leorsa truly differs from other VCs is in the hands on (but not too much!) support that most early stage startups really need. Especially when it comes to the nitty gritty business operations and by providing a“cold” outsider view on the company. It’s great to have Leorsa in our corner.
- Gilad Rotem, Founder & CEO of CUPS


Peer 2 Peer CDN for Video Streaming

Peer5 helps publishers stream videos to large audiences, improving content delivery for live and on demand video streams. The peer to peer (p2p) CDN video streaming shrinks leading time and server dependency. Peer5 uses WebRTS technology to operate the world’s largest p2p approach to content distribution.

In the last few years, video streaming has grown to account for 70% of internet traffic and the existing centralized infrastructure has been unable to keep up. Traditional streaming delivers video to millions of concurrent viewers causing freezes, whereas Peer5 uses WebRTC technology to push that same content from one viewer’s device to another, providing a higher quality, more consistent broadcast.

Peer 5 was acquired by Microsoft in July, 2021.

As one of the first investors to commit to Peer5, Anton and Leorsa Innovations have always been a great support. Anton has built an extensive network with exceptional strategic and business expertise and he is always looking for new ways to help our company. We are glad to partner with Leorsa and I would recommend Anton to any company looking to grow.
- Hadar Weiss, Founder & CEO of Peer5