Leorsa Group

Leorsa Group is an investment holding company.


When deciding where to invest Leorsa looks for projects that will:

  • Bring a new product or a unique selling point to the current market
  • Bring commercial success and deliver maximum added value
  • Have a positive social impact

The Company strives to invest in initiatives that are able to bring innovative ideas to light introducing new or enhancing existing technology to provide the market with the best possible quality.

Leorsa invests in different sectors, drawing on a team of leading international experts who share the Company’s values and have access to state-of-the-art, industry-specific technology.

To achieve quality growth, Leorsa pays detailed attention to every aspect of a project, at each stage in the project cycle, mitigating risk and ensuring that investment opportunities are implemented in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

Projects are selected by the Company’s talented, focused in-house team with unique expertise in a wide range of fields, from applied physics to architecture and construction management.


Our guiding principles when selecting investment targets and building investor relations are openness and transparency of business processes.

The Company’s key investment areas include real estate development and innovative R&D.

Our team
Anton RahmanovskyAnton Rahmanovsky
Leorsa Group of Companies
Olga PonomarevaOlga Ponomareva
Vice President,
Leorsa Group of Companies
Dmitry RakityanskyDmitry Rakityansky
Chief operating officer,
Leorsa Group of Companies
Alexander SuslennikovAlexander Suslennikov
Moscow Office Director
Vyacheslav DernovskyVyacheslav Dernovsky
Innovative development expert,
Leorsa Innovations