Property development

Leorsa Development is focused on investing in office and residential development projects in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

As one of the Russian economy's most rapidly growing, technology-driven sectors, property development offers high value-added investment opportunities and so is also one of the most attractive. To mitigate the risks and meet growing competition in the real estate sector, it is essential to respond rapidly to customer needs and ensure top quality projects at the delivery stage.


Leorsa invests in unique developments implemented to the highest international standards, while focusing on meeting local customer requirements and adapting to specific regulatory environments. By establishing quality controls and looking to best practices in the sector not just as a target but as a benchmark, Leorsa secures the success of every project it undertakes.

Leorsa Development’s investment strategy targets projects that create value by delivering benefits such as siting to meet functional needs, providing striking yet elegant architectural designs, high comfort, optimum ergonomics, innovative engineering solutions, sustainability, energy efficiency, and high quality post development services.


When developing properties, Leorsa relies on the expertise of the industry’s leading professionals in project management and global trendsetters in architecture, design and construction alike.


Eightedges, «A» Class Business Center

Eightedges Business Center video presentation

design SPN Ogilvy
development Nihil